Monday, January 26, 2009

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Checklist for Aging Parents

Here are the main points of the checklist:
1. Look in the frig (is there outdated food in it?)

2. Drive their car (check the state of the tires, oil, antifreeze)

3. Take a peek at the mail (keep an eye out for unpaid bills)

4. Investigate the bathroom (check for cleanliness)

5. Take a note of how the pets are doing

6. Talk to the neighbors (a bonus is establishing a relationship with the neighbors and also someone to keep an eye on their home and them, even if just from the outside)

7. Identify some benchmarks ( consider marked declines from the previous year)

8. Go to the source. This is probably the most important 'next' step. Take the time to sit down with your parent, listen to their concerns, worries and perceptions. Ask what you can do to help. As when dealing with any of life's difficult problems, oftentimes an individual (young or old) needs time to process a conversation, suggestions, etc. Give your loved one time to let your conversation sink in. Then, after the holiday, you can (as a family and 'team') engage in devising plan for solutions that meet your parent's needs.

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